Admin Applications & Reports

Includes: Colleague and The Hub, Data Warehouse, OnBase, Salesforce, and other administrative applications.

Services (12)

Colleague Issue

Get help with locked records, errors in reports or field values, Colleague or Hub access issues, proxy access problems, and more.

Colleague Request

Request creation of reports, updates to columns or fields in reports, account access and permission changes, and more.

Data Integration & Provisioning Issues

Fix disruptions to data exchange with hosted services

Data Integration & Provisioning Requests

Set up or update data exchange with a hosted service

Data Warehouse Issue

Get help with report errors, data quality or data refresh problems, and more.

Data Warehouse Request

Request access, added functionality, additional data or fields, or a consultation for the data warehouse

OnBase Issue

Get help with documents or items not saving, data or document issues, or other errors with workflows or processes.

OnBase Request

Request OnBase workflow, document, keyword, folder creation, modification, and more.

Salesforce Issue

Get help with portal access, volunteer login issues, problems with workflows or assignments, and more.

Salesforce Request

Request modification of permissions, additional functionality, license allocation, adjustments of portals, and more.

Single Sign-On Issue

Fix disruptions to SSO integrations with other Carleton Services.

Single Sign-On Request

Set up or update SSO with a hosted service