Classroom, Lab, or Meeting Room Issue


For non-urgent classroom, computer lab, or meeting room issues including:

  • Projection
  • Audio
  • Refreshing computer labs (public labs)
  • In-room computer (teaching station, instructor station)
  • Laptop or mobile device connections

Common issue descriptions:

  • The projector is not working.
  • I'm having A/V (AV) issues in a classroom.
  • The projector is on but no image displays.
  • The computer in the classroom won't boot.
  • The cable for connecting my laptop is broken or missing.
  • The screen is fuzzy or blurry.
  • There is no audio coming through the room speakers.
  • The refreshing machine in our space won't boot.

If the issue is urgent, please call the ITS Helpdesk at 507-222-5999 for a faster response.

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