Printing Issue


For help with printing issues, including:

  • Jammed printer
  • Printing streaks
  • Printer error message
  • Print release issues
  • PaperCut errors
  • Garbled text

Common requests:

  • I can’t print.
  • My document won't print.
  • My text prints garbled, prints symbols.
  • My print job doesn't show up.
  • Webprint is slow.
  • The printer is jamming constantly.
  • I'm getting an error when I print.
  • The printer is broken.

More Info

Printers are named by building, room, and model.  Here are some tips for understanding printer names:

  • Before the hyphen in a printer name, you'll see something like BLDG100, where BLDG is the abbreviation for the building and the numbers represent the room.
  • After the hyphen, you'll see something like CC5550, where the letters CC represent Canon printers and the letter X represents Xerox printers, and the numbers represent the specific model.

Example: CMC104-CC5550 is in the CMC, room 104, is a Canon, model 5550.

Print Refund Requests

You can request a refund for a failed print job:

  • Visit the Papercut Web Portal 
  • Click on the "Recent Print Jobs" link on the right side
  • Click "request refund" by the job that failed to print

Refund requests are evaluated on a case-by-case basis and are only be granted when the issue could not be avoided.

Please take time to double-check your print queue before releasing a job to avoid unnecessary printing.

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