Event Support


Submit your Requests for Event technology assistance, including:

  • General presentation setups + check-ins
  • Microphone assistance for large meeting spaces
  • Exhibitions that require temporary installs
  • Video Conferencing setups + check-ins
  • Gather.town spaces (Weitz 235, 236, and custom spaces)
    • You can reserve ready-to-go, interactive virtual spaces for up to 25 people
  • Special Large Meeting + Webinar Zoom Licenses (up to 1000 participants)
    • Your Carleton Pro Zoom License will host up to 300 Participants

Common requests:

  • I'd like a PEPS Tech to check in to my presentation for backup
  • I want to video record my event
  • I'd like to use the Weitz 236 Gather space
  • I want to host a Zoom Webinar
  • We're hosting a workshop with breakout rooms


If you're planning a HYBRID event

Several spaces on campus have built-in video + sound for remote participation. Please try to schedule in these rooms before requesting a one-off setup.

Hybrid-capable spaces include:

  • Anderson 121
  • CMC 306
  • Larid 205
  • LDC 335
  • Leighton 304
  • Weitz 136


Additional Info

For general information about Gather.town, visit the Academic Technology page: https://apps.carleton.edu/campus/its/services/learning/gathertown/

We're here to assist however we can. For more info about the PEPS and AT groups or the services we provide, visit our respective sites:

PEPS or Academic Technology

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