Learn about available Course Themes, Formats, and Block available in Moodle

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Pinned Article Moodle: Course Themes and Formats

Learn the different ways you can change the look and feel of your Moodle course page.

Moodle: Blocks

How to add and edit blocks within Moodle Dashboard and course pages

Moodle: Boost Theme

Carleton Boost was the default Moodle theme before the summer 2022 upgrade. This article will give an overview of Carleton Boost.

Moodle: LearnR Theme

LearnR is the default theme for Moodle 4.2. This article gives a tour of the theme.

Moodle: Moove Theme

An intuitive UI design with special options for visual accessibility.

Moodle: Weekly Course Format

This article describes the Weekly course format in Moodle and how to configure it.

Moodle: Topics Course Format

The Topics Course Format in Moodle is very similar to the Weekly course format.  It is configured for our 10-week term, and the section titles are labeled Topic 1, Topic 2, etc.

Moodle: Buttons Course Format

The Buttons Course Format in Moodle shows one section at a time, and uses button icons to select the viewed section.

Moodle: Flexible Sections Course Format

This course format allows for collapsable and nestable sections.

Moodle: Tiles Course Format

The Tiles course format resembles the Topics course format, but it adapts a foldable style.