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  • Carleton Faculty, Staff, or Students who are configuring a Moodle page.


The Weekly Course Format in Moodle is the default for all new course pages.  It is configured for our 10-week term, and the section titles are automatically calculated from the Course Start Date setting. Pictured below is an example of the Weekly Format.

Example of the Weekly Format

Configuring the Weekly Course Format

  1. Enter the Edit Settings menu to access the Course settings page.
    On Fordson (Do not force), this is via the Course Management section (the icon in the top-left).
    On Moove and Carleton Boost, this is via the Actions menu (the icon in the top-right).
  2. Scroll to and expand the Course Format section.
  3. Open the drop-down menu next to Format, and select Weekly.
  4. In addition to specifying the number of sections on your course page, you can also choose either show all sections or show only one section at a time.
  5. Select one of the Save options at the bottom of the page.

"Show one section per page" in Course Layout

With the Weekly, Topics and any contributed format that implements the functionality, it is possible via the Edit settings tab to show one section per page.

  • The course home page shows just the section names and any text in the section description along with activity and resource numbers, with the names being click-able. This is what you see the first time you access the course. Once you have selected a topic by clicking on its name, you then see one section at a time.
  • If editing is ON, then the Main course page will display all the content in all the sections.
  • There is a 'Jump to...' menu at the bottom of each single section page


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