This category contains sub-cotegories and articles that are helpful to someone with instructor/teacher permissions in Moodle

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Moodle Basics

Learn the basics in Moodle

Course Layout

Learn about available Course Themes, Formats, and Block available in Moodle

All about Grading

Information about Moodle Gradebook, Moodle Assignments, and Google Assignment.


Understanding and Configuring Moodle Quiz


Features available in the Participants page of Moodle

Course Reuse

Learn how to download, back up your moodle course and import content from another course.

Completion Tracking & Access Restriction

Learn more about tracking activity completion and setting up access restriction.

External Tools

Many software vendors offer services that can be directly integrated to our Moodle server. This area is for information specific to these tools and how they work in our environment.

iPad + Moodle

From grading to teaching, you can use your iPad to create materials that you make available to students via Moodle.

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