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Follow the steps in this article to download a copy of your gradebook.
Convert scanned documents and image files into searchable and editable PDF documents using Adobe Acrobat Pro.
An overview of using photos, videos, and audio in Moodle.
How to make the gradebook available to students and use it to calculate grades according to your syllabus.
Carleton pre-populates courses and enrollments into Moodle so that instructors do not have to do this.
How to enroll someone in your course that does not have an email address.
The Gradebook in Moodle is hidden to students by default and will need to be made visible once it's ready to be seen. This article will explain briefly how to make your gradebook visible.
This article describes the several roles and their permissions at Moodle@Carleton.
Enrollment is the process of marking users as participants in the course, that includes both students and teachers. At the same time, users are usually given a role in the course which specifies what they are allowed to do.
Groups and Groupings are an important part of class infrastructure. This guide will teach how to create Groups and Groupings and how to add users to Groups.
This article explains the different between automatic and manual grading for Moodle quizzes and provides some manual grading methods.
This article shows how to use Moodle's question bank to organize and reuse quiz questions in your Moodle course.
A guide to setting up a Moodle quiz including a run-down of common question types
A guide to grading and giving feedback for Moodle assignments both assignment-side and gradebook-side.