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How to include a submission agreement with Moodle Assignment
Carleton pre-populates courses and enrollments into Moodle so that instructors do not have to do this.
By default, the course overview block shows current courses (in progress) a user is enrolled in. Anyone in Moodle can customize the course overview block to suit their preferences.
Learn how to copy a previous course into a new course shell in order to reuse course materials.
This article describes the several roles and their permissions at Moodle@Carleton.
How to add and edit blocks within Moodle Dashboard and course pages
A guide to setting up a Moodle quiz including a run-down of common question types
How to make the gradebook available to students and use it to calculate grades according to your syllabus.
An overview of using photos, videos, and audio in Moodle.
Learn the different ways you can change the look and feel of your Moodle course page.
Learn how to edit your profile in Moodle.
This article discusses different ways faculty can restrict access to course content during or after the course is completed.
Learn how to create a backup of your Moodle course that you can download to either archive or transfer to another Moodle server.
This course format allows for collapsable and nestable sections.
The Tiles course format resembles the Topics course format, but it adapts a foldable style.