Moodle: Downloading your Content (For Students)

How to Download

To download material from the current academic year, you simply need to log on to Moodle as normal and access the corresponding courses from your main page. From there, you will be able to download assignments and papers as normal.

You will not, however, be able to directly access course content from previous academic years. Accessing this content is non-trivial, so we ask that you seriously consider whether or not you need it. This is especially true during the summer as we simply cannot process requests from all seniors. If you decide that you have an absolute and desperate need for a file from a previous academic year, please make a request as follows:

Copies of Your Own Work

If you are requesting a copy of your own work (e.g. an assignment hand-in), please request this by opening a Moodle Request Ticket or emailing

Please ensure that you have the following information to hand before contacting us - without it, we will not be able to complete the request:

  • The exact course code
  • The exact section number for the course
  • The specific document that you want
  • For example:  psyc100-01-s20, Week 3, first assignment

Copies of Assignments

If you are requesting a copy of the assignment itself, (i.e. the part that the faculty wrote), you must request that directly from your course's instructor. ITS cannot give out faculty-created/owned content. It's an intellectual property thing.

If faculty are unsure how how to access the relevant content, ask them to send you an email explicitly granting you permission to access the material. You can then forward that permission in a request to ITS as outlined above.


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