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The Tiles course format displays different course sections as expandable tiles on the Moodle course page. These tiles are fully customizable: colors, titles, and images can be added onto each individual tile's display area. They also have the option of being hidden from students, if need be.

Configuring the Tiles Course Format

  1. Enter the Course Settings menu by the selecting Settings tab on the top bar of your course page
  2. Scroll to and expand the Course format section
  3. Under Format, select the Tiles
  4. Click one of the Save buttons at the bottom of the page

Adding/Removing Tiles

Your course begins with tent tiles by default, but you can add or subtract them as needed.

To add a tile:

  1. Enable Edit Mode.
  2. Scroll to the bottom of the page and click Add tiles.
  3. Select the number of tiles to add, and click Add tiles once more

To remove a tile:

  1. Enable Edit Mode.
  2. Scroll to the tile you wish to remove and click Edit.
  3. Click Delete tile.


Below are two examples of the Tiles format. Image 1 (top) depicts the normal format, while Image 2 (bottom) shows the page when one tile is expanded.

Example of the Tiles format (all tiles closed)

A tile, expanded


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