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Moove is a Moodle theme with design specific to special options for visual accessibility. This article goes over how to change the Moodle theme to Moove and configurable settings with sample screenshots. 

Configuring Moove Theme

  1. From the course page, go to the Settings tab
  2. Scroll to and expand the Appearance section.
  3. Open the drop-down menu next to the Force Theme label, and select Moove.
  4. Click one of the Save buttons at the bottom of the page.

Adding the Accessibility bar

This is applicable to everyone so long as the Moove theme is enabled in a course

  1. Click on your Profile picture and choose the Accessibility option. A pop-up window will appear.
  2. Choose between the Default or Dyslexic font and check the box next to Enable accessibility toolbar
  3. Click the Save button

The Accessibility bar will appear above your Profile. There, you can adjust the font size and site color.

Moove Color Schemes

Below are the short examples of each color scheme offered:

This is the default color scheme.

This color scheme is black on pastel yellow. 

This color scheme is black on pastel blue. 

  This color scheme is yellow on black.

Moove Theme - Tour

Below is an example of the Moove Theme.

  1. The accessibility bar which can change the font size and color scheme of the course page
  2. The switch for your course's Edit Mode is in the top-right corner.
  3. Open or close the Course Blocks section via the button just under the Edit Mode button.
  4. All course management menus are anchored to the top of your page regardless of scrolling.

screenshot of a course page in Moodle with a red boxes around edit mode, course blocks, navigation, and the accessibility bar.


Submit a Moodle Support ticket.


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