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Pinned Article Updating Your Windows 10 or 11 Version

Steps for how to upgrade Windows 10 or Windows 11 to a newer version.

Troubleshooting: Windows Smart Screen Protection

What is Windows Smart Screen Protection and how to bypass it

Windows: Apple Software Update

How to run Apple Software Update on Windows.

Windows: Fixing a blank blue screen that appears on startup

How to reveal the Bitlocker login screen if all you get is a blank blue screen on startup.

Windows: How to Run the Update Assistant

Instructions for running Microsoft Windows Update Assistant.

Windows: How to Verify Your Free Disk Space

How to verify your free disk space, and how to make more space for upgrading your computer.

Windows: Installing Driver Updates on a Surface Laptop

How to install driver updates on a Windows Surface computer.

Windows: Lenovo and Lenovo Dock Updates

What Lenovo Updates may fix and how to run Lenovo Updates and Lenovo Dock Updates.

Windows: Patching Schedule

How to subscribe to a patching schedule, and how to verify your patching schedule.

Windows: Updating Dell Drivers and BIOS

Instructions for running Dell System Detect, which can detect and update Dell Drivers and BIOS.

Windows: Using an Apple USB SuperDrive from the Equipment Checkout Center (ECC)

How to install the Apple driver (attached) for Windows in order to use the Apple USB SuperDrives available for checkout from the ECC.