Windows: Updating Dell Drivers and BIOS

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You should periodically update your Dell Drivers and BIOS using Dell's System Detect.  Because this tool is automatically detecting information about the drivers installed on your computer, it may take a few minutes between steps.

How to Run Dell Drivers and BIOS Updates: 

  1. Visit in your web browser.  Please note, some updates may require or recommend a restart of the machine.  Please save any open work before proceeding.

  2. In the Enter a Dell Service Tag, Dell EMC Product ID or Model section and then click Detect PC

    • If Detect PC is not a choice, enter the service tag number found on the top of your Dell

  3. After a few minutes, you should be directed to a SupportAssist page.  Click the "I have read and agree to the SupportAssist Terms and Conditions" and click Continue

  4. The SupportAssistLauncher installer will download. Click it to install

    • If you cannot find the installer, check your Downloads folder

    • If prompted, enter your .\admin username and password

  5. After installation, the SupportAssist Program will run and take you to a web page with information specific to your computer

  6. Click the Drivers & downloads heading on the left side.

  7. Click the blue Detect Drivers button 

  8. After a few minutes, you will be given a list of updates to install

    • ​​​​​​​Some updates may require a reboot

    • You should install ALL updates that are available

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