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Instructions on how to install Carleton's REMOTELAB Application
How to install and set-up ArcGIS
This article provides a quick introduction to Adobe Applications at Carleton College.
This page is an overview of Adobe licensing at Carleton College. This page covers who has a license and how to request a license.
Instructions on how to get and install OpenBugs
This page includes instructions on how to install SPSS and create an account for it.
Instructions on how to connect to Eduroam on Windows computers
This page has instructions on how to initiate the process of getting Chemdraw.
Installation instructions for VMD and where to find it on campus.
This page contains a list of the places on campus with Adobe Creative Cloud
How to set up automatic updates for Firefox
Instructions for running Microsoft Windows Update Assistant.
This page provides instructions on how to install Adobe applications from the Adobe Creative Cloud desktop application.
This page includes instructions for downloading the Creative Cloud Desktop Application and the things you need to download and install.