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Common Issues Lenovo System Update May Fix

  • Screen flickering problems with Lenovo Laptops when plugged into docking station
  • Keypad and trackpad issues with Lenovo Laptops
  • Blurry monitors with new computers

How to Install the Lenovo System Update Tool

There are two options for how to install/update the System Update Tool - you only need to do one of these options.

How to run Lenovo Updates:

  1. Make sure your laptop is connected to the docking station
  2. Press the Windows key and then type "system update"
  3. The result that you are looking for is called "system update" and it has a red logo with two white arrows, one pointing up the other down. 
  4. Click on the program and a new window should appear
  5. Click next on the first window that pops up.
  6. The machine should now start scanning for updates. This may take awhile and you can use the machine while it is scanning for updates.
  7. When it finishes scanning it may ask for permission or for you to accept an agreement, go ahead and accept it and then it should have a few different sections of updates. We recommend selecting all, including the ones labelled "optional" and click next.
  8. It will summarize the updates you selected and allow you to download them. Once downloaded it may take some time to run some of the installations but you should be able to continue working while they download. 
  9. It may ask you to restart your machine for the updates to apply. When you have time restart your machine and allow them to fully install.

We recommend starting the process again to check and see if there are more updates Lenovo has missed on the first pass. Sometimes Lenovo finds all of them at once, other times it has taken a few runs through the updates to get all of the necessary updates installed. 


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