Services A-Z (67)

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Account Issue

For help with password, account activation, Google 2-step authentication, backup codes, administrative rights and login issues.

Account Request

Request a name change, account extension, or temporary re-activation or deactivation of email.

Adirondack (Housing Director) Issue

Report an issue with Adirondack THD.


Bike Issue

Report issues with St. Olaf bikes.


Classroom Recording

Assistance or questions about classroom recording and Panopto.

Classroom, Lab or Meeting Room Issue

Report an issue with a classroom computer, projector, meeting room, or student/lab machine.


Request a consultation with an IT staff member on technology, hardware, software, teaching and learning.

CS Gold Issue

Report an issue with CSGold.

CS Lab Machine Issue

Open a ticket for any issues related to the lab machines in RNS202 and RNS203.

Custom Administrative Requests

Request a change for a custom administrative website or report.


Desktop (VL) Issue

Report an issue with Desktop (VL).

Desktop (VL) Request

Request a change or enhancement to Desktop (VL).

Digital Signage Account Request

Request an account on Carousel (Tightrope) digital signage.

Digital Signage Issue

Report an issue with the Carousel (Tightrope) digital signage screens or website.

DiSCO Resource Request

Request materials, software or other technology from the DiSCO and Cave. This could include requesting use of existing tools or to request new equipment, software or materials be added.

DiSCO Room Reservations

Reserve a space in DiSCO.

Drone Request

Request use of the St. Olaf drone and pilot for course work or research.


Equipment Reservation & Checkout

Reserve or checkout equipment such as laptops, clickers, sound system, iPads, and audio-visual equipment.


Fax Issue

Report an issue with a physical fax machine or email fax service.

File Recovery Request

Recover a file from a local hard drive, St. Olaf network share, or Google Drive.

File Storage Issue

Report an issue with a shared folder, Google File Stream, and Google Drive.

File Storage Request

Request to change shared folder permissions.


Google Issues

Report issues with G Suite: Gmail (email), calendar, drive, drive file stream, groups, 2-step authentication, and forms.

Google Request

Requests for add-ons and access/ownership changes of Gmail, Google groups, calendar or files.


Hardware Issue

Report an issue with a St. Olaf computer, power supply, keyboard, mouse, adapter, iPad, lab or public machine.

Hardware Request

Request hardware to order, return or recycle.

How Do I...

Get help with general how-to questions.


I Need Help

I cannot find what I'm looking for and I need IT Help

Information Security Issue

Request assistance or report an Information Security issue, including blocked websites.

Instruction Request

Request instruction tailored to a class or group.


Lawson Issue

Report an Issue with Lawson. This includes if you are having issues with logging into Employee Self-Service or with a Lawson Budget Report.

Leepfrog Issue

Report an issue with Leepfrog.


Media Conversion

Assistance or questions on resources with media conversion.

Microsoft Access Database Issue

Report an issue with any Microsoft Access database.

Moodle / Google Classroom Issue

Report an issue with your Moodle or Google Classroom access or a problem with your course.

Moodle / Google Classroom Request

Request assistance with your Moodle or Google Classroom course, including course design and metacourse creation.


Network Issue

Report issues with eduroam, WiFi (wireless), ethernet, VPN, or the internet.

Network Request

Connect to WiFi (wireless), request an ethernet port activation or switch. Gamers and esports request network activation.

New Employee Hardware and Software Request

Request hardware and software for new employees.


Office or Equipment Move

Request the move of a college owned computer and/or peripherals.

Ole Card Issue

Report an issue with your Ole Card.

Online Directory Changes

Report incorrect or updated information for the online directory.

Other Administrative Software Issues

Report an issue with Administrative software/services not found elsewhere.


Perceptive Content (Image Now) Issue

Report an issue with Perceptive Content (ImageNow).

Perceptive Content (Image Now) Request

Request new Perceptive Content (ImageNow) scanning setup, workflow, etc.

PowerFAIDS Issue

Report an issue with the Financial Aid software, PowerFAIDS.

PowerFAIDS Request

Request new PowerFAIDS workstation, new scheduler task or new interface.

Printing Issue

Printing issues with a department printer, MFC and stoPrint.

Printing Request

Request to setup or install a printer.


R25 Admin Issue

Report an issue with the R25 software.

Raiser's Edge Issue

Report an issue with the Raiser's Edge software.

Report Potential Infection or Virus

Report scareware, malware, or virus issue on computer.

RStudio Server Issues

Report an issue or ask a question with the IT-managed RStudio Server.

RStudio Server Requests

Request a plugin installed or a class added to the IT-Managed RStudio Server.


SIS Issue

Report an issue with the SIS website.

Slate Issue

Report an issue logging into Slate, with a data feed to Slate, or with reports/mail merges with Slate.

Software Issue

Report an issue with St. Olaf software, including Microsoft Office, Adobe, Windows and MacOS.

Software Request

Request an update, upgrade or installation of St. Olaf software.

Specialty Printing Request

Request a 3D print or specialty printing project.

Student Information System Request

Request a new SIS website feature.


Telephone Issue

Report an issue with your phone, phone software or voicemail.

Telephone Request

Request a new phone, speakerphone, conference call, phone move, or telecommunications service order.


Video Conference Issue

Report issues with video conferencing (Google Meet, Zoom).

Video Conference Request

Request a Zoom Pro license. Ask questions or request assistance on video conferencing (Google Meet, Zoom).


Website Issue

Report an issue with any St. Olaf-affiliated website.

Website Request

Request a new site, plugin, access, extra space or a vanity URL.

Website Request for Recent Graduates

Recent graduates can request access to an existing portfolio or deletion of an old site.