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Received a suspicious email? Read more, including how to report phishing, found at our Suspicious Email article.

No computer or smart phone is completely impervious to computer viruses and other forms of malware or scareware. If you know or suspect your computer has been infected, please fill out the form.

Browser hijackers are a type of potentially unwanted program (PUP). They can be found on all major browsers. They can be installed directly to the browser as a plugin or sometimes will come bundled with freeware. In their most innocuous form, they take over your home page and Internet searches. In their most malicious form they invade your privacy by stealing your browsing history or even intercepting and logging your keystrokes. 

Cybersecurity refers to various aspects of information security:

  • Technical controls
  • Investigation of compromised systems, data breaches, and other suspect activities
  • Creating or modifying policies and procedures

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Install a free version of MalwareBytes:

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St. Olaf computers - full support

Student devices - best effort

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