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Pinned Article Duo: Quick Start Guide

This guide will help you get started with Duo two-factor authentication.

Duo Setup: Duo Token (Key Fob)

How to request a Duo two-factor authentication key fob from the ITS Helpdesk.

Duo Setup: Landline

How to set up a landline phone for Duo two-factor authentication.

Duo Setup: Smartphone

How to configure Duo two-factor authentication on your cell phone.

Duo Setup: Tablet

How to configure your tablet for Duo two-factor authentication.

Duo: Adding a new Device (e.g. got a new phone)

Instructions on how to add a new device for Duo

Duo: Creating Backup Codes

How to generate back up codes for duo two factor authentication.

Duo: Preparing to be Off Campus

How to access Carleton resources or web pages while off-campus.

Duo: Remove Remembered Devices

How to remove the "Remember me for 60 days" DUO cookie (important if you work with sensitive college information, and are signing in to check email on a home computer).

Duo: Streamlining Authentication

How to make Duo authentication take up less of your time by setting up "remember me" for or setting up automatic push notifications.