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Learn how to forward calls to voicemail using the VoIP dashboard or the physical phone
How to sign in and out of the Zulu software
Instructions for forwarding calls to other phone numbers.
Information for how to call other Carleton extensions and how to dial out to external local and long-distance phone numbers
Instructions for recording a temporary greeting for your voicemail on the Zulu softphones
All voicemail on Grandstream phones is delivered ONLY to email. See an example of a voicemail email.
Learn how to initially set up voicemail prompts and change your voicemail password from on- and off-campus for your Zulu softphone.
Learn how to adjust the VoIP dashboard to allow you to manage your phone from this online interface
A collection of instructions to help you get up and running with your Zulu phone
How to install Zulu
Learn the layout and button functions of the Logitech headset