Zulu Softphone: Installing Zulu on your computer

A “softphone” functions as a phone, but operates on your computer without a physical or “hard” handset or desk phone. Zulu is the softphone application used for making and receiving calls from your computer.

NOTE: Unlike a physical phone, which is always ready to take calls, a softphone will only work if the software is open.  You will need to open the software every day to make and receive calls.

Install Zulu

Carleton Owned Computer:

Look for Zulu in either K1000 (Windows) or Jamf Self Service (Mac)

Non Carleton Owned Computer:

You need to install the software from the Vendors website

  • Zulu Download
    If you don't see your version click on "View All Versions"

Mobile Version

This is not currently available but may be in the future

Connecting to your account

Once you've downloaded the software, here's how to connect to your phone account.

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