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A “softphone” functions as a phone, but operates on your computer without a physical or “hard” handset or desk phone. Zulu is the software application used for making and receiving calls from your computer.

NOTE: Unlike a physical phone, which is always ready to take calls, a softphone will only work if the software is open.  You will need to open the software every day to make and receive calls.


Download Zulu from the K1000

Zulu has been configured for use at Carleton and must be downloaded from the K1000 Software Center.  Please do not download Zulu from the company's website.

  1. Make sure the VPN is on
  2. Go to k1000.carleton.edu
  3. Log in using your Carleton credentials
  4. Click the big blue Want Software? Go to Downloads page button in the Quick Actions area
  5. In the Search box in the upper right type Zulu
  6. Click the version of Zulu that matches your Operating System (macOS or Windows)
  7. Make sure that your computer is selected properly under “Device to install software on” and click “Run Now”
  8. At this point the install has been initiated - it may take a few minutes for it to complete on your computer.  You will likely see notifications when the install has started and when it has completed. (If you are prompted that there is a newer version of the software available you should install it. It may ask if you want to install it "just for you" or "anyone using this computer" and you should choose "just for you")

Sign In to Zulu

To see an example of the Zulu login screen, click View under the Zulu Login Screen attachment on the right

  1. If you are the only user of this computer, check the Remember me box to stay logged in
  2. Log in with the following information:
    1. Username: username@carlpbx.its.carleton.edu (ie. fschiller@carlpbx.its.carleton.edu)
    2. Password: your normal Carleton password. 
  3. Do not change the port number below the login info.
  4. Click Login

Zulu Softphone Button Guide

  Shows your phone activity
  Keypad icon: Opens the keypad to make a call
  Shows detailed call history including date and time of calls
  This voicemail feature is not available. You will receive your voicemail via your email.
  Mute a call
  Place a call on hold
  Transfer icon: initiates a transfer of an active call
  Green phone icon: places or answers a call
  Red phone icon: ends a call
  Orange phone icon: completes a transfer

Common Zulu Softphone Functions

Making and Receiving Phone Calls

To make a call:

  1. Click the keypad icon to open the number pad
  2. Click on the numbers or type to dial the number you want to call
  3. Press the green phone icon

To answer a call:

  1. The Zulu software application MUST be open to receive calls.
    If you do not have Zulu open calls will go directly to voicemail.
  2. An incoming call will ring through your computer speaker or headset, and the Zulu application (if open) will pop up to the forefront on your screen
  3. Click on the green phone icon to answer the call

Hold, Transfer, Mute


  1. While on the call, press the hold icon which looks like a pause symbol
  2. To resume the call, 


  1. While on the call, press the transfer icon in the toolbar
  2. In the keypad green box, enter the number you wish to dial
  3. Press the orange phone icon to complete the transfer.


  1. Press the mute icon which looks like a microphone
  2. The icon will change to indicate you are muted
  3. To unmute, press the mute icon again, and it should change back to the standard microphone

Additional Functions and Settings

Switch between handset, speaker, and headset mode - 

Redial - 

Call History - 

Phonebook or Contacts - 

Settings - 

Additional Information on Zulu Softphones

To find more articles on voicemail, managing your phone from an online dashboard, and more, click the "Zulu" tag at the top of this article!


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