Call Forwarding


How do I set up call forwarding?

This article applies to all non-Cisco VoIP phones (Granstream, Zulu, or extension-only configurations).

NOTES: Forward to voicemail is done using Do Not Disturb, see Related Articles for the link to instructions.  Additionally, you can forward to a cell phone or other external number; however, the caller ID will look different when you receive a forwarded call.

Instructions for the VoIP Dashboard

No matter where you are located, you can always manage call forwarding from the VoIP dashboard

  • Instructions for accessing and managing the dashboard can be found in Related Articles on the right
  • For setting up call forwarding directly on your physical phone or softphone, scroll to the instructions at the bottom of the page

Turn Call Forwarding On

Make sure the Call Forwarding widget is on your dashboard. Instructions for managing your dashboard can be found in Related Articles on the right.

  1. In the Call Forwarding widget, select one of the forwarding options:
    1. Unconditional - forwards all incoming calls to a specified number
      NOTE: Forward to voicemail is done with the Do Not Disturb widget, see related articles
    2. Unavailable - forwards incoming calls if you are unavailable
    3. Busy - forwards incoming calls if you are already talking on your phone
  2. After selecting the forwarding condition, click on the disabled slider, which will turn from grey to blue and say enabled
  3. Enter the complete phone number (without dashes) and the following prefaces:
    1. Start with an 8 to reach an external number
    2. Include 1 if long distance (if you're not sure, try calling the number first)
    3. Include the area code if needed (certain 507 numbers do not need this)
  4. (Optional) Set the number of rings before forwarding by clicking the settings gear in the widget and updating the ringer timer field
  5. Test the forward
    1. You will see the forward phone number listed above the enabled slider
    2. Use a third phone (not your Carleton phone or the forward destination) to call your extension and see if the forwarding completes as expected

Turn Call Forwarding Off

  1. In the Call Forwarding widget on your dashboard, click the enabled slider
  2. This will clear the forward number, and your calls will now ring your primary number

Instructions for the Phone or Softphone

Grandstream Physical Phone

  1. Press the soft key labeled Features
  2. Press the center menu/OK button to choose the line extension that you would like to forward
  3. Use the down arrow to select the forward feature you need, and press the center menu/OK button
    1. ForwardAll - Unconditionally forwards the phone line (account 1) to another phone.
    2. Enable DND - Enables the “Do Not Disturb” feature which automatically forwards calls to voicemail
  4. Enter the number you would like to forward your calls to and click ok, reference dialing guidelines in related articles for current information

Turn call forwarding off by completing steps 1 and 2, then using the down arrow to select Cancel Call Forwardall or Disable DND.

Zulu Softphone

  1. Press the keypad icon to open the number pad
  2. Press the buttons or type *96
  3. Click the green phone icon
  4. Click the buttons or type the number you'd like to forward calls to

Turn call forwarding off by following steps 1 through 3.


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