Dialing Guide for Internal (on-campus) and External (off-campus) Phone Numbers

Calling Internal (On-Campus) Extensions

  • 4-digit extension: the directory lists the 4-digit extension for Carleton numbers, which can be dialed from any other campus phone

Calling External (Off-Campus) phone numbers

  1. Dial 8 - all external calls must start with 8 to get outside of the Carleton extension pool.
  2. If the call is international: Dial 011 followed by the country code.
    If the call is long distance within North America: Dial 1 (the country code for the US and Canada).
    • If you are not sure if the call is long-distance, try with a 1 first, if it does not complete try again and leave out the 1
    • Some 507 numbers require this long-distance 1.
  3. Dial the 3-digit area code
  4. Dial the 7-digit number


Why do we dial 8 now instead of 9?

Federal law now requires that 911 can be dialed without the initial 9 (so 911, rather than 9911); we are changing off-campus calls to use 8 to reduce the chance of accidentally dialing 911 when calling an international or off-campus number.

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