Dialing Guide for Internal (on-campus) and External (off-campus) Phone Numbers


This article reviews how to dial campus extensions for internal (on-campus) calls, and how to dial external (off-campus) numbers both local and long-distance.

Calling Internal (On-Campus) Extensions

NOTE: During our implementation of VoIP, the most reliable way to make internal calls to other Carleton numbers is to use 8-digit dialing described below

  • 4-digit extension: the directory lists the 4-digit extension for Carleton numbers, which can be dialed from any other campus phone
  • 8-digit dialing: dial 8-222-xxxx where xxxx is the 4-digit extension

Calling External (Off-Campus) phone numbers

Dialing external numbers requires an extra step, and knowing the details of the number you are calling (e.g. local vs long distance). Read through the steps below to identify how to dial the external number you are trying to reach.

  1. Dial 8 - all external calls must start with 8 to get outside of the Carleton extension pool.
  2. If the call is international: Dial 011 followed by the country code.
    If the call is long distance within North America: Dial 1 (the country code for the US and Canada).
    • If you are not sure if the call is long-distance, try with a 1 first, if it does not complete try again and leave out the 1
    • Some 507 numbers require this long-distance 1.
  3. Dial the 3-digit area code
  4. Dial the 7-digit number


Why do we dial 8 now instead of 9?

Federal law now requires that 911 can be dialed without the initial 9 (so 911, rather than 9911); we are changing off-campus calls to use 8 to reduce the chance of accidentally dialing 911 when calling an international or off-campus number.

Why do I need to dial 8222 before some extensions?

While we implement our full transition to our new Voice over IP (VoIP, IP is a protocol used for Internet communication), people with Cisco phones (those in Anderson and Old Music Hall, for example) will still be connected to our old extension structure, while those with new Grandstream, Zulu, or extension-only lines will be in our new extension structure.  Anybody calling from one type of extension to the other needs the full eight digits (ex: 82225999).  The easiest approach in the short term is to use eight-digit dialing for all Carleton extensions. We will update this article when four-digit extension dialing works for all extensions.


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