Update Voicemail Greetings and Temporary Greeting - Zulu Softphone


Update your voicemail greeting messages, name, or set temporary out-of-office voicemail greetings by following the voice prompts using the instructions below.


Make sure the VPN is on and the Zulu software is running

  1. Press the keypad icon to open the number pad
  2. Press the buttons or type *97
  3. Click the green phone icon
  4. Enter your voicemail password
  5. Press 0 (zero) to access the voicemail settings
  6. Listen to the prompts, which will help you record a new message or delete an existing message
    1. Unavailable message - the message that plays if the phone rings and you don't answer, or if you are on another call
    2. Busy message - the message that plays when you forward calls to voicemail using Do Not Disturb
    3. Temporary message - the message that plays while you are out of the office or on vacation, see important notes below
    4. Your name - this plays for all who call you
  7. After recording a prompt press * to return to the main menu

Temporary Greeting is Automatically Active

If you record a temporary message, it will automatically be the default active greeting for your voicemail.

To remove or turn off a temporary greeting, follow steps 1-6 above, and follow the prompts to delete the current temporary message.


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