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IMPORTANT: Please make sure to install printer drivers before adding a printer. Otherwise it will not work properly. You can install printer drivers here: Adding Printer Drivers

Adding a Printer

If you are reinstalling an existing printer that seems not to be working, delete it first (find it using steps 1 and 2 below), then add it back again.

  1. Open System Preferences (macOS 11-12) or System Settings (macOS 13-14)  (click on the apple in the upper left, it should be the second option in the drop down menu)

  2. Click on Printers & Scanners (toward the end of the second row of icons on macOS 11-12 or near the bottom on macOS 13-14)

  3. If you have:

    • macOS 11-12

      1. Click the "+" button at the bottom of the list of printers, and select Add Printer or Scanner...

    • macOS 13-14

      1. Click the Add printer, Scanner, or Fax... button

  4. Click on the IP tab at the top (It looks like a Globe icon)

  5. For the printer in question, use the following settings and the image below as a guide for configuring the device

    1. For Address, type or copy/paste:

    2. Ensure that the Protocol setting to is set to Line Printer Daemon - LPD. If it is not, please select that option from the pull-down list
      Note: Selecting the incorrect Protocol is the most common cause of problems when installing a new printer

    3. In both Queue AND Name, enter the name of the printer you want to add

      • This will take the form BLDG###-X#### so for example the printer in CMC 104 is CMC104-CC5550
        If you're not sure of the name, sign in at to look for your printer, which may be at the end of the list

      • The Name field will have been auto filled with from the Address field. Delete this and replace it with the name of the printer.

    4. Leave Location empty.

    5. Click on the Use field pull-down menu, then choose Select Software from the list
      In the window that pops up, search for the model of the printer you're installing, select it, and click Okay

      • It's usually easiest to search for the number at the end of your printer's name (frequently 5550, X55745, or E40040). C indicates that this is a Canon driver, and H indicates an HP driver.

      • The three most common drivers used on campus are Canon iR-ADV C5550/5560 III PS, HP LaserJet X55745, and HP LaserJet E40040

      • For our example printer above, search for 5550 and select Canon iR-ADV C5550/5560 III PS

    6. After completing all of these fields, click the Add button.

IMPORTANT: If an additional window opens asking about configuration options (duplex or drawers) use to find the answer. This page requires Carleton login credentials to access. It has a lot of information displayed quite densely, so use "command+F" to open a search bar, and type the name of the printer you're looking for. If the printer is alphabetically after "LDC220," you'll need to click "Next 100 printers" at the bottom of the page.

Setting Up Printing Options

Your computer should now be able to send basic print jobs to the printer you installed, but if you want to be able to add stapling, secure printing, etc., there are a couple of additional steps:

Printing at Carleton

If you need to print to Carleton Printers, you will also need to have PaperCut installed on your machine. This is our print management system. Carleton-managed computers should have this installed already, but you can also install Papercut yourself.

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