Grandstream Physical Phone: Quick Start Guide

Getting Set Up

  1. Get to know the Grandstream Phone

  2. Set up your voicemail greetings
    You will need to sign in to view these instructions

  3. Learn about receiving voicemail
    In our system, voicemail will not be stored on the phones and will be available in email only

  4. Configure your VoIP dashboard to manage your extension from anywhere

  5. Learn about forwarding your phone to another number

  6. Learn about forwarding your phone to voicemail

  7. If you need to be able to answer extensions other than your own, please fill out a Phone Request ticket

Image labels buttons on the phone indicating what they do: At the top right there is a light that indicates a message waiting; along the left and right sides of the screen are line keys; the row of buttons below the screen are soft keys; right above the number pad running left to right are hold, message, and contacts; to the right of the top of the number pad are buttons laid out in a circle that serve as navigation keys, with a menu/OK button in the center; below the navigation buttons there are two vertical rows of buttons; the row on the left has mute, transfer, and send from top to bottom; the right column has headset, conference, and speaker from top to bottom; below these two columns of buttons is the volume control.

Other Grandstream and VoIP Phone Features

To find other articles about Grandstream phones, click the Grandstream tag under the title of this or other Grandstream articles, and look for Related Articles in the right column of information.

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