Grandstream Physical Phone: Introduction to the phone, its features and shortcuts

Phone Layout and Button Guide

Line drawing of Gandstream phone model gxp2135 identifying button location and functionExplanation of buttons on the phone including Contacts, Hold, Mute, Headset, Message, Transfer, Conference, Speaker, Send/Redial, Volume, and the Navigation key.


Note: Line key buttons to the left of the screen, and Soft key buttons below the screen will have labels on the screen that change based on context. Read the label next to or above the button to identify its current function.

Common Phone Functions

Making and Receiving Phone Calls

To make a call, dial the number you want to call and then press the green Send/Redial button 

To answer a call, when a phone rings the corresponding line key will flash red. Answer call by taking handset off the hook, pressing the speaker or headset buttons, or pressing the flashing line key.

Note: Users can choose when receiving a call to either ring from their headset, ring from both headset and the speaker, or only ring from the speaker. This can be changed in Settings - Preferences - Audio Control.

Hold, Mute, Transfer

Hold - To place a call on hold by pressing the Hold button  
To resume the call press the blinking line key.

Mute - During an active call, press the Mute button

The screen will show the Mute icon at the top of the screen when a call is Muted

To un-mute press the Mute button again.

Transfer - You can transfer a call as a blind transfer, attended transfer or transfer directly to voicemail. A blind transfer is when you transfer a call without introducing the caller and an attended transfer is when you introduce the caller.

Blind Transfer:

  • Option one: To transfer a call, dial *1*1 and the intended extension or phone number you want to transfer the call (using an 8 for an outside line) and hang up 

  •  Option two:   

  1. When ready to transfer the call Transfer button or press the Transfer soft key press the
  2. Dial the intended extension or phone number (using an 8 for an outside line) 
  3. Press the Blindtrnf soft key or the Transfer button 

Attended Transfer: (introduce caller prior to transfer)

  • Option one: 
  1. To transfer a call, dial *2 (wait till you hear the phone attendant say "transfer")
  2. Enter the intended extension or phone number you want to transfer the call (using an 8 for an outside line).
  3. Introduce your caller and then hang up to finalize the transfer
  •  Option two:   
  1. When ready to transfer the call press the Transfer soft key or press the Transfer button  
  2. Dial the intended extension or phone number (using an 8 for an outside line) 
  3. Press the AttTrnf soft key, introduce the caller, and then press the Transfer soft key or the Transfer button
    *** If the intended caller does not want to accept the call press the Cancel soft key and click your phone extension button then you can talk to the caller

Transfer Directly to Voicemail:

  1. When ready to transfer the call to voicemail press the Transfer soft key or the Transfer button 
  2. Dial a star and the intended extension (*XXXX)
  3. Press the Blindtrnf soft key or the Transfer button

Conference Call

  1. Establish the first call to be included in the conference call
  2. Press the CONF button or ConfCall soft key
  3. Dial the phone number of the person you want included in the call and press the Dial soft key (dial an 8 for an outside line)
  4. Press the CONF button or Conf soft key to establish the conference

Additional Functions and Settings

Redial - Press the soft key labeled "Redial" or press the Send/Redial button 

Call History - Press the Menu/OK button to bring up the main menu, and use the navigation arrows to navigate to call history, and press the Menu/OK button to open call history. You can then select a number from the list and press Send to call that number.

Phonebook or Contacts - This feature is not currently enabled at Carleton.

Settings - to modify other settings (including ring tone, ring volume, and screen background) press the Menu/OK button, and use the navigation arrows to find "Preferences" or other settings option you'd like to update, then press the Menu/OK button or the "Select" soft key to confirm your selection and changes.  Press the "Exit" soft key to return to the previous menu.

Busy Lamp Fields (BLFs) - This feature allows you to monitor other extensions and be able to answer their calls. The individuals name will show on the phone lines below your name/extension. You will need to submit a TDX ticket if you want this feature.

If you have the BLFs set up on your phone, the light next to the line button will be green if the individual is not on a call and red if they are on a call. The line will flash red when a call comes in to that line.
To answer the call for another individual, you will need to CLICK ON THE LINE that is flashing red, and THEN pick up your handset (sometimes you need to wait a second to pick up the handset) and then talk to the caller.

Phone Shortcuts





Blind Transfer

Transfer a call to another extension


Attended Transfer

Allows you to introduce the caller prior to the transfer


Call Forward

Forward all calls to another destination


Cancel Call Forward

Stop forwarding all calls to another extension


DND Activated Do not disturb activated
*79 DND Deactivated Do not disturb deactivated

Additional Information on Grandstream Phones

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