Leaving Carleton: Your Digital Departure


As you transition to post-Carleton life, there are a few things you should take care of in the weeks and months before your departure to transfer or archive your digital materials. During your time at Carleton you have created documents, presentations, posters, and more that you may wish to keep. You may be the owner of resources for an organization or committee which you now need to transfer to someone else. And, of course, there's likely to be a lot of email that you may (or may not) want to keep for future reference.

Class of 2024 - Digital Departure Deadline is July 31, 2024
In general, it will be easier for you if you try to complete as much of the work as possible before you leave campus.

Faculty and Staff: Returning Carleton-Owned Technology

  • Please let us know that you or someone you supervise is leaving Carleton so that we can arrange for hardware return and software license reclamation.

Archiving and Transferring Email

  1. Set an Auto-Reply on your Carleton email alerting your contacts that your email address will be changing (this auto reply will end when your Carleton email account closes)
  2. Select a transfer or archiving method and get that process running several weeks prior to your departure

You may also elect to set up email forwarding. This service would continue until your Carleton account is deactivated.

Collecting your Documents and Files

During your time at Carleton, you have undoubtedly written and created a lot of material which is stored digitally in various places on our network: Course assignments in Moodle, files in Dropbox, files in Google Drive, etc. Once your Carleton account expires, you will lose access to these files which will eventually be deleted from our systems. The links below provide more information on accessing and transferring these types of files.

Transfer Ownership: Groups, Files, and More

When you leave Carleton, it's important to transfer ownership of any Dropbox files that are important to your successors or collaborators, as well as any Google Drive files and folders, and Google Groups. Shared files and Groups with no active Owner will remain available as long as there are on-campus participants, but no one will be able to manage sharing or membership or deletion without an active Owner.

Special Note for Student Organization Resources: Be sure to pass on Google Groups and Google Drive files to a student who is not graduating! Mailing lists and organization resources that have no on-campus owners will be scheduled for deletion.

Prepare Duo Two-Factor Authentication options

Graduating Students: DUO two factor will remain in place on your Carleton account until it fully transitions to an alumni account. In the event that you change or upgrade your cell phone this summer, having DUO backup codes will make setting up your new phone a lot easier.

Alumni Accounts post-Graduation

Graduating Students, once your account finishes its transition to an Alumni account, you will no longer have access to many Carleton systems (such as Moodle) but you will still have access to things like the Alumni Directory.




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