Google Drive: Transfer Ownership of Specific Files and Folders

Move Files into a Shared Drive

Shared Drives will allow files to stay fully functional even if the creators leave Carleton. If you are planning to leave Carleton, the best course of action is to move all files that should stay active at Carleton into a Shared Drive managed by someone who will still be at Carleton.

Transfer Ownership of Specific Files and Folders

Note: you will have to go through this process for each file and folder separately.

Transfer to another Carleton person/account

If you are the Owner of files or folders that need to stay at Carleton, you will need to change ownership from your Carleton account to another student, or a staff or faculty member.

Transfer to a non-Carleton account

Google does not allow you to simply change ownership of an existing file to a non-Carleton account. Instead, you will have to download these files and then upload them to the other account.

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