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If you have ever edited a website with “sites.carleton.edu” in the url, chances are you own or were a part of a website in CarlSites (Carleton’s Academic Website service). Before you lose access to your Carleton account, make sure you have a plan for your content before you leave.

For students, the College can continue to host your website(s) in our platform for up to 2 years, but we can start the process for the options below right away. For faculty and staff, we will only host your website(s) in our platform during your employment period with the College. If we do not receive a response by the end of these holding periods, your content will be permanently deleted.

Your Options

Moving to Another Hosting Provider

If you own a website or domain and would like to continue working on it beyond graduation, you’ll want to capture a copy of your site(s) then move it to another server. You can chose to move your domain to Reclaim Hosting (Carleton's hosting provider for CarlSites) with a student discount or another web hosting service of your liking. To start this process, please email at@carleton.edu and obtain a copy of your content.

Please note: The College will not bear any expenses associated with this migration. Your Carleton account access will still expire after graduation (end of July). So if you choose to keep your site past your account expiration date, please provide us with an alternate email address, such as a personal gmail account.


Passing the Baton

If you built a personal or communal website, affiliated with a specific department, program or office, and you would like to keep the site at Carleton, please find a consenting member of our Carleton community (preferably a relevant staff or faculty member) to take ownership of the website.

Please note: The designated member must take ownership of the site before your Carleton account access expires.You can still have access to the site (provided we have an alternate email address on file), but the designated member will be the new owner. If you choose to remove the site while under new ownership, you are responsible for communicating with and obtaining written permission from the new owner before the site can be completely removed.


Archiving Your Website

If you wish to preserve your website and not make additional changes, we can help you archive your site. Archiving a website means obtaining a copied version of your website (with its content, data, and media) and storing that copy elsewhere. We can help you archive your website and obtain the necessary files to host it in a local and/or public location.

Permanent Deletion

We understand that you may not want to keep everything you create at Carleton and would rather have it removed. For these cases, we can permanently remove your website along with all of its contents.

Please note: After this removal, the College will not be responsible for providing any copies or backups of your data.


Next Steps

Please contact Academic Technology (at@carleton.edu) regarding your decision or if you have any questions about the options above.


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