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Pinned Article Computer Labs: Locations and Software

Information on Refreshing labs on campus

Pinned Article REMOTELABS: Quick Start Guide

Quick start guide on how to get and use the REMOTELAB computers

Adobe: Public Labs with Creative Cloud

This page contains a list of the places on campus with Adobe Creative Cloud

Computer Labs: Scratch Disk

What is a scratch disk, how does it work, and where to find it.

R: Packages Installed in Refreshing Labs and Classrooms

A comprehensive list of which R packages are installed on both macOS and Windows Refreshing Labs and Classrooms, organized alphabetically.

REMOTELABS: Connection & Usage

Instructions on how to use the REMOTELAB computers

REMOTELABS: Installation & Set-up

Instructions on how to install Carleton's REMOTELAB Application

REMOTELABS: Installed Software

List of Software installed on the REMOTELAB computers