Teaching, Learning, & Research

Includes: Moodle, language lesson, lecture capture (Panopto), instructional design, research queries, and more.

Services (12)

Consultation Request

Get help with exploratory questions or consultations to discuss ideas or options with ITS staff.

Equipment Reservation & Checkout

Request to checkout equipment such as iPads, laptops, sound systems, projectors, cameras, and more.

Instruction Request

Request a consultation with an Academic Technologist for in-class instruction sessions and/or assignment support.

Language Lesson Issue

Get help with Language Lesson issues.

Language Lesson Request

Request a consultation to learn how to implement Language Lesson in your courses.

Lecture Capture (Panopto)

Request consultation about or assistance with lecture capture or classroom recording.

Moodle Support

Request Moodle configuration assistance, and more advanced Moodle support.

New Moodle Site Request

Use this form to request a new course site in Moodle.

Video Conference Issue

Request help resolving a Zoom or Google Hangouts/Meet issue.

Video Conference Request

Request support or assistance with anticipated Video Conferencing needs.

Website Issue

Get help with content or technical issues on your websites or pages, for both Reason and Wordpress

Website Request

Request a go.carleton.edu URL, access changes to an existing site, Wordpress issues, etc.