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Once a Moodle course is made visible to students, it remains in that state until the faculty member chooses to change it. This can bring up issues for academic integrity, making it easy for students to access and share course materials well after they have participated in the course. To mitigate this situation, we offer the following options.

Hide Course Once Complete

After students no longer need access to your course page, you can toggle the visibility. On the top of your course page, click Settings. On the settings page, under general settings, on the right hand of Course Visibility, change from Show to Hide.

Recommended: Warn students about one week before the end of the course so that they can retrieve materials they may want to keep.

Use Access Restrictions

You can set Access Restrictions on any portion of your course, either by individual activity or by course section. For this purpose, you can create a date-based restriction that will close access for students after a particular date. This is particularly useful when you want students to retain access to some course material, but want to keep online tests, assignments, or discussions restricted after the course is completed.

Learn more about Access Restrictions here!

Make Robust Assessments

Rather than protecting assessments that are re-used from course to course, consider creating a question bank of assessment prompts in the Moodle Question Bank. The Question Bank can be organized and sorted so that it's easy to design Moodle quizzes that pull a random selection of questions from any number of categories in your question bank. Each time a student creates an attempt in Moodle Quiz, they will be given a new selection of questions. 

Some question types, such as the Calculated or Formula questions, also allow you to set an acceptable dataset for each value in your calculations. This allows you to create one question, but the values offered to each student will be different.  Because of the way these questions function, it will automatically correctly assess their response to the values they were offered.

Learn more about how to use the Question Bank in Moodle here!

Recommended: You can also use these options to encourage students to collaborate on questions without risking them copying answers. This is particularly powerful when used together with problem-based and team-based learning.


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