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  • Carleton Faculty, Staff, or Students who are configuring a Moodle page

Restriction - Overview

  1. Turn editing on via the  icon in the top left on Fordson theme (Do not force theme) or the Turn editing on button in Moove and Carleton Boost.

    • For new activities:
      1. Click Add an activity or resource in the bottom-right of your desired section.
      2. Select the activity you would like to create.  
      3. Add a name and description.
    • For Pre-existing activities:
      1. On the right side of the activity you wish to restrict, open the drop-down menu marked Edit, and click Edit settings
    • For Course Sections
      1. On the right side of the section you would like to restrict, open the drop-down menu marked Edit, and click Edit [section type], type referring to your course format (e.g. "Edit week", "Edit topic", etc.).
        Note: On the Flexible Sections format, the Edit Section button is actually on the top-left of the section, and is represented by the gear icon ()
  2. Scroll down to and expand the Restrict access section. This may be used to either give access to only specific people, or it may be used to revoke access from only certain people.
    Note: the date option affects all students.
    • If you wish to give specific access, then set the parameter to Student must match...
    • If you wish to revoke access, set the parameter to Student must not match...
  3. When creating multiple restrictions for one resource, you must choose whether the student must match all or any or the parameters. 
    • All - A student is qualified for this resource if they meet every restriction set for them.
    • Any - A student is qualified for this resource if they meet at least one of the restrictions set for them.

 Restriction Types

There are eight types of restrictions:

  • Activity Completion - Restrict students based on completion or non-completion of other activities. This restriction be specialized to require a passing/failing grade
  • Date - This is a time-gate. Users may only access the resource before/after the time specified.
  • Grade - Establish a threshold for the overall grade of the students who can access this resource. You can restrict it to students above a certain grade or below a certain grade.
  • Group - Restrict students based on what group you placed them in.
  • Grouping - Restrict students based on what grouping you placed them in.
  • User Profile - Choose a portion of the user's profile to scan, and then restrict the resource based on the text in that portion.
  • Level - Allow/Prohibit access for students at or above a certain level when using the Level Up block on your course.
    For more information about Levels, see Changing the Layout of your Moodle Course.
  • Restriction Set - The Restriction Set parameter allows you to group together more parameters. With this, you can change around the modifiers shown in steps 4 and 5 of Restriction - Overview.
    For example, using the restriction set, you can make parameter sets like these:
    • User must: [have completed activity A] and [User must not have completed activity C]
    • User must: [be in group A or be in Group B] and [have completed activity A]


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