Moodle: Introduction for Students


Moodle is Carleton’s online classroom where faculty can send messages to students and post resources and assignments. This article includes some fundamentals to get started in Moodle.


The dashboard shows various panels of information within blocks. By default, you will see the Course overview, Carleton Resources, Recently accessed courses, and occasional Moodle Announcements in the center of the page. In the right, collapsible sidebar of the dashboard, you will see the Timeline block and the Upcoming events block.

Please see the following articles to learn more about configuring the Dashboard to suit your needs: Moodle Dashboard and Moodle: Configuring Course Overview block

Default Dashboard

Screenshot of the Moodle Dashboard

Course Pages

When clicking into a course, you will see the following tab on the top of the course page. 

  • Course tab: The main course page. Here you will see course materials and assignments posted by your professor
  • Participants tab: A list of all participants in your class (classmates, professor(s), TAs, etc.) 
  • Grades Tab: A table of your assignments and grades.

Course Themes and Formats

Faculty customize their own Moodle pages, so no two courses look exactly alike. Most courses have pages organized in weekly sections, with assignments appearing under each section's title.

Please read the Moodle: Course Themes and Formats article For more information about course themes and formats and see examples of each theme/format.


An assignment page can have instructions about the assignment along with files the professor has uploaded (e.g. a PDF with the instructions).

You can add, edit, or remove your assignment submissions below the assignment details. If you’re adding a file, you can upload the file from your computer or drag and drop the file in the upload box. Pay attention to the possible Accepted file types listed below which restrict the file types you are allowed to upload. 

After uploading a file, you can delete or add additional files using the buttons above the file submission box. Removing a submission will delete any uploaded files. 

When professors have provided feedback, scroll to the bottom of the page to find the grade, feedback comments, and/or feedback files. 


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