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Services (20)

Account Issue

Get help with account or login issues including passwords, Carleton accounts (single sign on), Duo two-factor authentication, and computer logins.

Classroom, Lab, or Meeting Room Issue

Get help with issues with projection, audio, the in-room computer, laptop connection cables, and more.

Moodle Issue

Get help with Moodle issues.

Printing Issue

Get help with issues including physical printer jams, streaks, or errors, general printing issues, and PaperCut problems.

Software Issue

Get help with issues including crashes, errors, missing or broken features, or other software or application problems.

Hardware Issue

Get help with issues including beeps, blinking lights, dropped or broken equipment, or other physical issues with your devices.

Network Issue

Get help with issues including connectivity or Internet access on Eduroam, Carleton Guest, and wired Ethernet.

Website Issue

Get help with content or technical issues on your websites or pages, for both Reason and Wordpress

Email & Calendar Issue

Get help with Gmail, Google Calendar, Outlook, Mac Mail, syncing to mobile devices, and more.

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File Storage Issue

Get help with Dropbox and Drive, file synchronization or update problems, Google Drive File Sync, the protected drive, and more.

Server or VM (Virtual Machine) Issue

Get help with server or VM (virtual machine) issues

Telephone Issue

Get help with telephone issues

Colleague Issue

Get help with locked records, errors in reports or field values, Colleague or Hub access issues, proxy access problems, and more.

Data Warehouse Issue

Get help with report errors, data quality or data refresh problems, and more.

Digital Signage Issue

Get help with digital signage issues including display problems or lack of power.

Fax Issue

Get help with fax sending, receiving, or quality issues

Language Lesson Issue

Get help with Language Lesson issues.

OnBase Issue

Get help with documents or items not saving, data or document issues, or other errors with workflows or processes.

Salesforce Issue

Get help with portal access, volunteer login issues, problems with workflows or assignments, and more.