Communication & Collaboration

Includes: Gmail, Calendar, file storage (Drive, Dropbox), website, fax, telephone, and digital signage.

Services (15)

Digital Signage Issue

Get help with digital signage issues including display problems or lack of power.

Email & Calendar Issue

Get help with Gmail, Google Calendar, Outlook, Mac Mail, syncing to mobile devices, and more.

Email & Calendar Request

Request access changes, addition of rooms to Google Calendar, email aliases for google groups, and more.

Fax Issue

Get help with fax sending, receiving, or quality issues

Fax Request

Request adjustments to fax recipients, new fax numbers, and more.

File Storage Issue

Get help with Dropbox and Drive, file synchronization or update problems, Google Drive File Sync, the protected drive, and more.

File Storage Request

Request Dropbox team folder creation, Google shared drive folder moves, access changes for the protected drive, and more.

Group Request

Request updates to or new automated groups for Google, Dropbox, printing, Colleague, OnBase, etc...

Student Zoom License Upgrade Request

Students may request Pro Zoom License.

Telephone Issue

Get help with telephone issues

Telephone Request

Request speakerphones, extension modifications, new phones or headsets, softphone licenses, and more.

Video Conference Issue

Request help resolving a Zoom or Google Hangouts/Meet issue.

Video Conference Request

Request support or assistance with anticipated Video Conferencing needs.

Website Issue

Get help with content or technical issues on your websites or pages, for both Reason and Wordpress

Website Request

Request a URL, access changes to an existing site, Wordpress issues, etc.