Printing: Quick Start Guide

Printing at Carleton

PaperCut is Carleton's print management solution. Documents get sent to Carleton printers through PaperCut, in two ways:

  • Through Webprint (available from any browser)

  • Through the PaperCut application on Carleton-managed computers

    • This runs silently in the background for most faculty and staff, but presents a login screen on shared-use computers and for some people who have to print from multiple accounts.

How to Print

Common Questions

How do I print if I've forgotten my OneCard?

  1. Visit

  2. Log in using your Carleton username and password.

  3. Select "Jobs Pending Release" from the left side.

  4. Click "release" for the job you'd like to release; this acts just like releasing it using your OneCard at a release station. Some printers let you manually log in with your Carleton credentials via the touch screen, though not all printers have this.

How do I print from my personal computer?

Follow the WebPrint directions.

Need Help?

See this page for more questions and answers related to printing and more: Carltech Research/IT FAQs. You may also contact the ITS Helpdesk for assistance: or 507-222-5999

Additional Resources

  • The publisher's home page is

  • The product support page here offers a knowledge base and FAQ, along with up-to-date online documentation here.

  • This chapter of the online documentation offers a quick visual introduction to the client software.

  • The 64-bit PaperCut client software is Java-based, incorporating its own Java runtime. Here are the detailed system requirements.

  • Have a request? Please see details and contact the ITS Helpdesk here.

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