Student Printing: Managing your Print Quota

The Print Quota

Each student at the beginning of the year starts with $96 for their printing quota. This gets used up as they print at Carleton printers.

How much does it cost to print?

Normal printing for everyone (including non-Carleton people):

  • Black & White: $0.04 per side

  • Color: $0.15 per side

Duplexed printing to a Public Lab Computer ONLY:

  • Black & White: $0.07 per duplexed sheet (front and back sides - single charge)

  • Color: $0.29 per duplexed sheet (front and back sides - single charge)

How do I see my balance?

  1. Visit

  2. Click the "Add Credit" link on the left side to see your current balance.

"Current Balance" refers to your Printing Account, or quota; "Schillers" refers to how many Schillers you have on your OneCard.

What happens if I don’t use all my printing money?

There is a common misconception about print quotas, specifically that a student's print quota references a financial award or dollar amount given to that student for the sole purpose of printing. Instead, the print quota simply sets an upper limit on free printing. If a student exceeds that quota, they are expected to pay for the extra pages themselves. If a student doesn't use the whole allotment of free printing, there is no refund because no money was awarded. On average, most students do not use up their allotment of free printing.

How do I transfer money to my printing account?

  1. Visit

  2. Log in using your Carleton username and password (or the username and password printed on your OneCard, if you are a Friend of the College).

  3. Select the "Add Credit" link on the left side.

  4. Select how much money you would like to transfer to your printing account.

NOTE: Smaller amounts are generally better; $1.00, for instance, is 25 black and white impressions. Money left in your printing account will be forfeited on August 1 of the following year.

Do you have any tips for doing class readings without printing everything out?

Strategies and tool suggestions are available: Reading and Research Notes without Paper

Need Help?

Please contact the ITS Helpdesk for assistance: or 507-222-5999

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