Printing: Instructions for Faculty/Staff Computers

How to Print from a Faculty/Staff Computer

  1. Start the process as you normally would when printing something on a personal computer. Generally this means clicking on File > Print while looking at your document or image, selecting a printer and your printing options, and then clicking Print.

    • Printer names start with an abbreviated version of the Building name followed by a room number where that printer is located. For example CMC104 refers to the printer in CMC 104, a public computing lab.

    • Printer names end with the model number of the printer in question

  2. For most people, your print job should now get sent to the printer you selected.

    • NOTE: if you have multiple departments that you print for, you may be presented with a login screen asking you which department budget number to charge for this print job.

  3. When you get to the printer, swipe or tap your OneCard. You will see a list of jobs you have sent. 

  4. For each job, there are links to "Print" the job or cancel the job. Tap Print to print.

How to Print on a Shared-Use Computer

If you are a faculty/staff member trying to print on a shared-use machine, please see these instructions: How to print on a Lab or Shared-Use Computer (link opens in a new tab)

How to Add Additional Printers

For information on how to add additional printers to your computer so that you can print to them, see Mac: Adding a Printer (link opens in a new tab) or Windows: Adding a Printer (link opens in a new tab).

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