WebPrint: Printing from a Personal Computer or Phone

WebPrint allows you to track your print jobs, request refunds, and add printing credit and send basic print jobs to Carleton printers.

How to Print with WebPrint

Note: you must be on eduroam or on the VPN to access WebPrint.

  1. Go to go.carleton.edu/webprint and log in with your Carleton credentials.

  2. On the left hand side, go to WebPrint. Then on the new page, select “Submit a Job”

  3. Select your printer and continue to Print options and Account Selection.

    • Printer names start with an abbreviated version of the Building name followed by a room number where that printer is located. For example CMC104 refers to the printer in CMC 104, a public computing lab.

  4. Type in the number of copies you’d like.

  5. After, you’ll have the option to print using your personal account, shared account, or using a PIN.

  6.  Upload your document and hit complete.

  7. When you get to the printer, swipe or tap your OneCard. You will see a list of jobs you have sent. 

  8. For each job, there are links to "Print" the job or cancel the job. If you click to print the job, it will print and you will be charged for the job.

  9. If you don't have enough money in your Printing Account, you will be prompted to swipe your OneCard a second time, which will debit your Schillers the cost of the print job (less any remaining balance in your Printing Account).

Important Notes about WebPrint printing

  • All print jobs submitted via WebPrint will be printed according to the printer’s DEFAULT settings. Nearly always, this means Black & White, double-sided printing. If you need to adjust anything from the default settings, you’ll need to use a Carleton computer with the PaperCut client installed.

  • The only printer on campus that will print in color from WebPrint is LIBR400, which is located in the main Reference Room of the Gould Library.

  • You can see your print history and more using the other tabs on the WebPrint website.

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