Eduroam for iOS (iPhone or iPad): Getting connected

After changing your Carleton Password

  • iOS devices require that you go through the whole process as if you were setting up a new connection in order to update your password. Please use the instructions below.

Setting up a new connection

  1. If possible, Forget any previous version of the eduroam WiFi connection (link opens in new tab) on your device

  2. Connect your device to cell data or a non-eduroam WiFi signal (on campus you can use CarletonGuests)

  3. Using Safari (other browser will NOT work) go to the eduroam Configuration Assistant Tool (CAT) (link opens in new tab)

  4. Tap the big button that says Click here to download your eduroam installer

  5. When asked to select your Home Institution, choose "Carleton College"

  6. Tap the button that names Apple devices

  7. Select Allow when your system asks permission to download the configuration profile

  8. Close the pop-up that tells you your Profile has been downloaded

  9. In your device's Settings app, find and tap the Profile Downloaded menu item at the top of the left-hand menu options

    • Note that some iPhones hide this under a menu item called More for your iPhone

  10. Select Install (enter your device's passcode if prompted)

  11. Click through the prompts to continue installation

  12. When asked for your Username, use your full Carleton College email address (e.g.

  13. Tap Next

  14. Enter your regular Carleton password

  15. Tap Next

  16. Tap Done

For newer iOS devices (iOS 14 and newer)

You will need to turn off "Private Address" in order to use eduroam. This is a function that scrambles your device's identity on the network, which prevents your device from registering on eduroam.

  1. Open the Settings app
  2. Tap Wi-Fi
  3. Tap the information button (a blue i in a circle) next to the eduroam network
  4. Tap Private Address to turn it off
    (If the switch icon is green it means that it is turned on. If the switch icon is grey, it means it is turned off.)
    NOTE: You will likely see a warning that you are now using a Hidden Network and that the network could expose personally identifiable information. Don't worry! Our network is designed to protect your personally identifiable information. 
  5. Go back to Wi-Fi and connect to eduroam normally
  6. Remember that if prompted, you must type your full Carleton email address
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