VMD: Installation & Set-up

How to Install

VMD is available for macOS, Windows, Linux.

  1. Go to VMD's download page (link opens in new tab).
  2. There will be multiple sections divided by version number. Pay attention to which is the alpha version and which is not (that'll be the stable official release).
  3. After selecting your operating system, you'll be prompted to register with VMD or login. Register with your Carleton email.
  4. After logging in, your download will begin.

Known Issue

(as of 5/23/23) In VMD 1.9.4, Extensions -> Analysis -> RMSD Visualizer Tool will open, but only a portion of the RMSD Visualizer Tool window will be visible, making the tool unusable.

The RMSD Visualizer Tool works in VMD 1.9.3, which is only available for Windows computers and will not run on a modern macOS.  

macOS labs at Carleton are running 1.9.4

Windows labs at Carleton are running 1.9.3


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