macOS: Upgrading Your Operating System Quick Start Guide

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Before You Start

Before upgrading your macOS, you should take some time to prepare your computer. The two most critical preparation steps are backing up your computer, and removing/replacing 32-bit applications (macOS 10.14 and older).

You do not need to be connected to Carleton's network to upgrade.  You can do the prep and upgrade from any location with a network connection.  Set aside time to work through this list.  Failing to do so could cause the upgrade to fail, rendering your computer unusable. You do not need to do these steps all at once, but you should keep track of what you have done so that you don't miss steps.

Quick Start Guide

  1. Know your current macOS version

  2. Backup your computer

  3. Check that your computer is eligible to upgrade

    • If your computer is not eligible to upgrade to Ventura, you should still upgrade it to Monterey.

  4. Check the compatibility of your various applications

  5. Run Apple Software Updates (for everything except the macOS Monterey/Ventura upgrade)

  6. Check the readiness of your disk

  7. Upgrade your macOS

  8. After you upgrade

  9. Known issues

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