Collaborating and Sharing in ArcGIS Online

To collaborate on projects and share content in ArcGIS Online, you will need to register for an account on the website and then set up a group. Anyone can request an ArcGIS Online account or group at anytime - it is not required to be in a class to access the site.

Do you need a group?

After registering for ArcGIS Online - send a list of the following:

  • What you would like the group to be called
  • Names and emails of all group members

Send this list to the IT Helpdesk - this can also be included if you are making an initial account request. It takes about 24 hours (or the next business day) for a group to be created. Please note that requests submitted over the weekend or on a holiday will be completed on the next business day.

Sharing Content

To give your group members the ability to edit maps and Story Map projects, share all maps and data to the group. 

Log into ArcGIS Online and click Content.

Click on the icon for the item to share (in this example, person icon) for the item that you want to share.

Sharing Levels

Set the Share level fo the map by selecting Owner, Organization, or Everyone (public). These levels will impact how the map is accessed by others and if the public can find your map in an Internet search.

  • Owner: Only you have access, private access only
  • Organization: Only St. Olaf users can access the map. An ArcGIS Online account is required for anyone that wants to view the map and they will be prompted to log in to view the project.
  • Everyone (public): No log is in required and everyone can access the map. This project may appear in an Internet search.

Set group sharing

To share your map project for group collaboration, click on the Edit group sharing button. All the groups that you have permissions to share items to will appear - click on the group(s) that you wish to share.

After selecting the groups, click Ok to share the materials. The group will be added to the list in the window.

Click Save.

On the Content page, you will see the group list update.

I shared my materials, but I am still unable to edit projects

For any issues with access or sharing, please contact the IT Helpdesk! 


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