Ally: Enabling in Moodle and the Ally Quick Start Guide


What is Ally?

Ally is a tool from Anthology that "can be integrated into Moodle to provide guidance to the instructor on how to improve the usability and accessibility of their content. Ally also creates alternative formats for students to access. This increase in usability and accessibility will amplify the efforts Carleton has put into making all public-facing web content accessible to the world (we are legally required to create accessible web content to receive federal funding since 1998)." (see our ITS Blog Post about Ally, or our ITS Ally landing page for more information).


Ally: Enabling Ally in your Moodle Course


You are able to turn Ally on in any of your Moodle courses. To enable Ally in your Moodle Course:

  • Step1: Log into Moodle, and go into the course(s) you wish to enable Ally in
    • You will need to do this individually for each course
  • Step2: Click on the More dropdown menu (example 1),  and select "Filters" (example 2)

Example 1

Image of Moodle More menu


Example 2

More menu open with Filters circled

  • Step3: At the bottom of the Filter Settings list, switch Ally to On, and click on Save Changes.

Filter list with arrow indicating the On switch for Ally


This should turn Ally on in your Moodle course. Please be aware, this only works in Moodle, and does not apply to any environments outside of Moodle (ex. documents in Google Drive). If you wish to make alternative formats of documents available to students, you would need to bring those documents into your Moodle course.

Ally's Guide for Instructors

Below is a link to Ally's guide for instructors for directions on how to use Ally, and what its features are.


Submit a Moodle Support ticket.


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