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FreePBX is the VoIP phone and fax system used at Carleton.

Fax Accounts

Faxing through FreePBX is available to Faculty and Staff. Students, please work with an office relevant to your needs if you need to send a fax. For example, talk to International Student Life or Off Campus Studies for visa faxing needs.


Faculty and Staff:

  • Sending a fax does not use the department fax number. Each individual wanting to send a fax needs to submit a Fax Request Ticket to get this functionality activated. When activated, you will be able to send faxes via your personal FreePBX User Control Panel. (Helpdesk technicians: assign tickets to SIG/Zachary Krodel)

Sending Faxes


Sending faxes is done through the online phone portal called User Control Panel. (Learn more about how you can manage your phone extension through the online portal).


Log in to the Online Portal:  go.carleton.edu/voipdashboard using your Carleton user name and password.


First click the "+" icon in the upper right corner of the UCP to add a new dashboard. Then click the “+” icon in the upper left corner, select the Fax module, and then click the “+” icon next to your phone extension.


screenshot of FreePBX Dashboard


This will add the Fax module to your dashboard.


To send a fax from the fax module:


  1. Click on Send Fax.
  2. Enter the full destination number including a prefix of “81” as shown below (8 is for an outside line and the 1 is for long distance). For international calling include the prefix "8011" and the country code.
  3. Choose the desired resolution of the file and/or add an optional cover sheet.
  4. Upload the document(s) that you would like to fax.
  5. Click Send.



Receiving Faxes

All faxes are received through Carleton email. You will not receive any faxes through the online phone portal. Departmental faxes are emailed to those assigned to receive them. Many times it is a Google group which allows multiple people to receive the faxes.

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