Troubleshooting: MacOS Blocked Extensions

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Why is My Extension being Blocked?

Some applications include system extensions that macOS blocks by default. Extensions let third-party Mac extensions add extra functionality to apps with the share option, touch bar, and more that can be found on Apple's Support Page on Extensions.

Allowing a Blocked System Extension

STOP: Only follow these instructions if the you are downloading from a trusted source.
  1. Select System Preferences (macOS 11-12) or System Settings (macOS 13) from the Apple Menu in the upper left corner of your screen.

  2. Select Security & Privacy (macOS 11-12) or Privacy & Security (macOS 13)

  3. In the Security & Privacy click the General Tab (macOS 11-12) or scroll down (macOS 13)

    1. In the section Allow apps download from, click the Allow button.

    2. If Allow is grayed out: click the lock, click Allow, click the lock again to stop making changes (macOS 11-12).

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