Creating an ArcGIS Online Group

For collaboration and group projects, ArcGIS Online Groups are a good way to share data and maps.

Everyone added to the Group has the ability to edit any shared content. To find any available Groups that you might be a part of - log into ArcGIS Online and click on the Groups tab.

Do you need to collaborate on projects?

While any user can create a group, only ArcGIS Online administrators can create collaborative groups.

To have a collaborative group created, contact the IT Helpdesk using the Software Request form. Include in the request:

  • What the name/title of the group should be
  • A list of all group members and their email address
    • Please Note: We do not add non-St. Olaf accounts to the St. Olaf hosted ArcGIS Online site.

It is not required to be in a class in order to have a Group created!


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