ArcGIS Desktop Google Drive Issues

If you are using Google Drive folder to store GIS data with ArcGIS Desktop - you may see some issues:

  • Scripts or ArcToolbox tools error
  • Raster (imagery and photography) tools may not save results when processing data

In many cases, vector tools (points, lines, polygons) will process in Google Drive without an issue.


When using Google Drive with ArcGIS Desktop, you will need to have Google Filestream connected in order to save data on the computer. 

There are a couple of ways to work around the Google Drive problems with ArcGIS Desktop:

  • Create a folder on the local Desktop (C Drive) and use this folder to save results - when using a public computer, make sure to upload the folder to Google Drive at the end of your working session. Many public computers will reset on a daily basis and this would erase the data.
    • If working in RNS 400 - the folder should remain on the computer until the end of the semester.
  • If you are faculty working with a course to use ArcGIS Desktop - contact the IT Helpdesk and we can work with you to find a better workflow for the class sessions.
  • ArcGIS Desktop is recommended for Windows only - while the program may install on Mac, the software is intended for Windows operating system. 


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